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Representation of The Unyielding Spirit in The Zootopia Film


By: A’yuni Sabila Khusna

        Why is watching films so popular with everyone? Whether it is among children, teenagers, to adults. Watching films is something that someone will choose when he or she is bored or to seek entertainment from their busy activities. In making films, of course, there are several categories, namely the film can be watched by adults only or all ages can watch the film. Not infrequently, a filmmaker competes to make an educational film because their marketing target is that all ages can watch it. According to Sabri (Musfiqon, 2012), films in education and learning can help develop students' thoughts and opinions, increase memory in lessons, develop students' fantasy power, develop interest and motivation to learn, overcome limitations in time, clarify something that is still abstract and provides a more realistic picture of the experience. Therefore, the author will discuss the representation of the unyielding spirit in the Zootopia film.

        From a character standpoint. As we all know, the main character in Zootopia is Judy Hopps. Judy Hopps is a rabbit whose family background is a carrot farmer, but she has very high and noble aspirations. Namely, she wants to become a police officer and promises to save the world. She often repeats the words "Make the word be a better place," those words which she uses as a reference in doing everything and does not give up when faced with problems. For example, before officially becoming a police officer, she was always behind her friends who were physically more capable than Judy Hopps, but she did not just give up. She made the problem a motivation to match herself with her friends. When her friend was sleeping, Judy Hopps studied hard, whether physical or academic, until she could surpass her friends so that she could qualify to become a police officer like she aspired to be. The problems faced by Judy Hopps did not end there. When she became a police officer, she had not been placed to handle the cases the police were supposed to do. Judy Hopps was assigned to be a parking attendant, but that did not kill her spirit. When she was in charge of being a parking attendant, she carried out her duties very diligently, and she even set targets in carrying out her duties so that everything went neatly and finished on time. 

        Then in terms of dialogue, the characters reflect the motivational words that the audience can find. Throughout Zootopia film, all the dialogues made by the film's writer are very well written. There are lots of words that show enthusiasm and motivate the Zootopia movie audience. For example, Judy Hopps often says, "Make the world to be a better place." Maybe the sentence sounds very simple, but it takes a very great struggle, and passion for being able to realize the sentence, and Judy Hopps has proven it when in the film where she never gives up on making the world to be a better place even though Judy faces many obstacles. Hopps. Then the dialogues that also have a good meaning are "Even though you are small and unbalanced like the others, never let them look down on you" and "Even though I look weak and stupid, I believe that I will change the world for the better because anyone can be everything." From this sentence, it has been shown that we are forbidden to give up even though we are not competent in everything because every individual will be an expert in certain things. Everyone can change the world in their way and inability. 
Furthermore, for the social context of the community shown, this film is full of discrimination. This study finds discrimination in Zootopia because there are two types of characters in Zootopia:

1. A predatory character, where the predators here are animals such as lions, crocodiles, tigers, and so on.
2. A non-predatory character, a non-predator here, such as goats, rabbits, deer, and so on. In Zootopia, discrimination is found because predatory and non-predatory animals cannot coexist. This is because predators are biologically meat eaters, so if they live side by side, what happens is that non-predatory animals will become their prey.

        That time coincided with a tiger who became president of Zootopia, and he was threatened to step down because of his predatory status due to the unrest of Zootopia residents.
Nevertheless, Judy Hopps broke the statement because, according to her, discrimination is a bad thing.
Moreover, Judy Hopps believes that in Zootopia, everyone can be everything. She is not desperate to find out what makes these predators so aggressive that they attack other animals. After the search reached a meeting point, Judy Hopps finally convinced the residents of Zootopia that predators would not prey on them. In the end, the discrimination between predators and non-predators ended so they could live side by side in Zootopia. This is the same case as cases of discrimination that occur in western countries. The United States, for example, discriminate against black people, and they think black people do not deserve to live side by side with white people. However, this was finally broken when Barack Obama became the black president of the United States. By becoming Barack Obama, the president of the United States at that time, it was proven that black people and white people could live socially side by side. 

        In brief, Zootopia is a great educational film for all ages. The film contains many things that can motivate the audience after seeing Zootopia. The characters' terms in the film set an example of always being passionate about everything. Then in terms of dialogue, there are lots of motivational words that can build the enthusiasm of the audience and also able to motivate the audience for the film Zootopia. In addition, from a social point of view, it gives an example that discrimination is not a good thing to do, and as social beings, it would be better if we could live side by side with each other. The educational meaning shown in the Zootopia film is exciting, so this Zootopia film is a recommended educational film to be watched by all people.

Musfiqon. 2012. Pengembangan Media dan Sumber Belajar. Jakarta: Prestasi Pustaka

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