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Teaching Method: Ibrah Mau'idhah

A. Adib Dzulfahmi

One of the problems that have surfaced in the world of education in Indonesia today is related to character education. This means that education provides values, character, or education that shapes one's character with the aim of developing students' abilities to become better and implement them in everyday life wholeheartedly because the good or bad of a country depends on the character of the nation.

Educational orientation that tends to prioritize the development of the cognitive dimension and neglect the development of the affective dimension will create an imbalance between intellectual maturity and personal maturity. Students will have broad knowledge but lack a value system that guides behaviour. Character education is one solution to form better students' personalities.

One of the important factors in improving student character education is the Ibrah Mauidzah model. The Ibrah Mauidhah model is the delivery of educational material with gentle but firm and correct words based on knowledge and using wise words according to the level of intelligence and language mastered by students. Give advice and parables that touch the soul according to the level of knowledge. The Ibrah Mauidzah model emphasizes giving advice and special attention to students or their children in the context of character building. This method is also very helpful in motivating students to commit to the rules or noble moral values that must be applied.

The word "Ibrah Mauidzah" comes from the root word "abara al-ra'yu" which means interpreting dreams and knowing what will happen to those who dream. While "abara al-wadiya" or "abara al-nahr" means crossing a valley or river from the opposite bank to the other. As for "Mauidzah" contains the meaning of advice where the word is in line with the meaning of the word "Wa'zha, ya'izhu, wa'zhan, wazhatan, and wa mauizhan" which means giving advice.

Rasyid Rida defines mauidzah as admonishing warnings for goodness and truth in any way that can touch the heart and awaken it to practice in the Qur'an as well as using sentences that touch the heart to direct people to the ideas they want. This is what became known as advice.

There are several things that must be considered by educators in using the method of advice: 1) give advice with feelings of love and tenderness. The advice of people who are full of tenderness and affection is easily accepted and able to change human life, 2) uses a smooth and kind language style , 3) educators must adapt to aspects of place, time, and material as well as the conditions of students, 4) convey the main and important things.

The Ibrah Mau’idhah method can be a key move to shape students with Islamic character. This has also been implemented by the Prophet and proven successful. But behind that success there must be a weakness to seeing humans are the object. The weakness This method's weakness depends on the teacher's professional ability. Teachers must be patient little by little to change the character of their students, because building character is something that cannot be done in the blink of an eye but takes quite a long time.

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