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By: A’yuni Sabila Khusna

In this era, all people worldwide need social media for their daily activities to start from social, educational, and economic activities. Then later, the Tiktok application became very popular with people worldwide, starting with small children, teenagers, and even adults. Many of them have Tiktok accounts on all of their smartphones. The TikTok application is an audio-visual media, and this media is an application that can be seen or heard by people (Valiana, 2020). Many artists and influencers prefer to use Tiktok over Instagram or YouTube for marketing their products or work. This TikTok application has its benefits for certain people, such as honing creativity in making short videos. Still, the presence of the Tiktok application makes the child's character disturbed, that is, with behavior and attitudes that are not by the expected character education (Valiana, 2020). The TikTok application's security is very lacking because a badly banned system makes this application easily give harmful content (Deriyanto, 2018). However, the TikTok application has more negative impacts, especially for young children and adolescents.

From the author's observations, the author sees many young children and even adolescents who follow the trending or challenges in Tiktok. As we know, they have not been able to think clearly what impact they will get from just following the trend and challenges in TikTok. Teenagers also often spread the news from the TikTok application, which is considered a hoax because they can still filter information properly and distinguish which content suits them. They only get data from one side, and are also the validity of the data from the news is unclear. They imitate the movements and styles in the Tiktok application, which the moves they do are not suitable for children of their age and are accompanied by the music or songs they sing. In this case, the author wants to discuss the negative impacts of the Tiktok application on many sides, which one did not discuss yet by the previous researchers.

The impact of the TikTok application itself tends to be negative impacts rather than positive impacts when applied in daily activities. From the statements of the two sources that I took, they explained that the Tiktok application had a bad effect on teenagers' character and the application's security, which was still not maintained. Here the author wants to add some shortcomings from the two sources that have been taken. The specific goals and aims of the author here are that teenagers or people who use the Tiktok application can limit themselves so that they are not affected by the Tiktok application. The author also wants to remind parents more especially so that they are more supervising, attentive, and guiding their children when their children are familiar with social media. The final goal is to prevent many victims, whether they are teenagers or people who frequently use the Tiktok application, not to become addicted to using the Tiktok application for a long time.

From the statements about the tendency of negative impacts that several sources have presented, the negative impact of the Tiktok application leads to the daily and safety side of people who use the Tiktok application. Here the author wants to show the negative impact of using the Tiktok application that the community has operated. Tiktok application has a terrible impact on society in terms of psychology, economics, and culture. In terms of psychology, it will have a significant impact on the mental health of the community. Besides that, it will also make teenagers addicted, and especially teenagers are a golden period to form the best character. Then from the economic side, people become wasteful in finance because they must have a large internet quota to play the Tiktok application on a smartphone. Furthermore, from a social side, they will be disturbed by the fact that they are close to the features contained in the TikTok application, which will continue to update as attractive as possible so that they do not care about the social life around them.

We knew that from a psychological perspective, TikTok has many negative effects. In the Tiktok application, there is pornographic content that is not filtered on TikTok application. It will be horrible if small children under age see it to affect its psychology (Damayanti & Gemiharto, 2019). This condition will make children curious, and then they will watch it again. Its users enjoying TikTok social media make him feel lazy and forget about time. What they're doing is called social media addiction, which might influence one's learning process (Deriyanto, 2018). In addition, playing Tiktok often will not increase one's intelligence, especially now that most children nowadays follow the Tiktok trend more so that they have bad characters that are not according to their age. According to (Valiana, 2020) the negative effect of TikTok is more visible in the development of children's character. One of them is destroying children's morals. So, for example, in terms of knowledge, knowing that children are no longer learning to seek knowledge, they are busy playing with smartphones and making TikTok videos. Therefore, the TikTok application is very destructive and has many negative effects on the psychology of its users.

Tiktok application takes up a lot of economy from its users. Many parents have complained about their children who often ask for money to buy an internet data package, which is used to play TikTok, not another helpful thing. (Damayanti & Gemiharto, 2019; Dwi Chayani, 2020) It has proven that the TikTok application makes students waste their money. Students can spend money to buy internet packages only to go online and play the Tiktok application, and 4G-LTE support is recommended for Tiktok app users. To get a good signal, users have to buy expensive data packages. Many cases on the TikTok application show that many users upload their wealth, such as work income, then the wealth in their home. Referring to Angelista Putri Siman's article, the Tiktok application makes users compare their economic life in the general public, causing differences in financial status in the community. For example, TikTok users with the usernames @SiscaKohl and @DeniseChariesta always upload food or products that cost millions of rupiah. On the other hand, a TikTok user with the username @Endibawotongxyz often uploads content about his simple life and economy that is not as rich as Sisca Kohl and Denise. We know that Tiktok is now like a platform to upload things that should not show on social media, such as a

person's financial condition. Therefore, the Tiktok Application caused the users to take a lot of economical to always exist there.

Most Tiktok application users have a bad social. It has been proven by (Dwi Chayani, 2020) that there is a lack of interaction with the world. It harms children's social lives when they use social media (Tik Tok application) too often and for too long. In addition, as have mentioned by (Kusumawardhani & Sari, 2021) that TikTok, according to India and Indonesia, may have a detrimental impact on people's social lives in the world because it violates regional norms and values. Especially in our country, Indonesia, many Tiktok artists are affected by scandals. Whether they hate each other through online wars on the Tiktok application and sometimes they are willing to do bad things to get social attention then. Their Tiktok accounts will be famous. Many people will be curious about the continuation of their case. According to (Deriyanto, 2018), he has demonstrated unconscious application users of the benefits of social media will act negatively to gain popularity because something harmful or vulgar will get views and share faster. And then, the Tiktok application has a negative effect on social life.

On this occasion, the author will discuss the negative impact of the TikTok application from a psychological point of view of people who use the application. In my own opinion, the Tiktok application could make users addicted too much and also control their mind so that users would feel lacking if they do not play the Tiktok application. Tiktok application users can even be addicted to playing Tiktok for a full day without other valuable activities. And as we know, many young children play TikTok, so they forget not to study as they are obliged to do as students. They are more interested in following trends and challenges in the Tiktok application than studying or doing their homework. According to (Valiana, 2020) the negative effect of TikTok is more visible in the development of children's character. One of them is destroying children's morals. So, for example, in terms of knowledge, knowing that children are no longer learning to seek knowledge, they are busy playing with smartphones and making TikTok videos.

Another negative impact of the TikTok application is Tiktok application takes up a lot of economy from its users. Most social media require an internet package to operate it, and not a few social media, including TikTok, need a lot of internet quota to enjoy it. In our country, Indonesia, not all people have Wi-Fi in their homes, maybe you can count whoever uses Wi-Fi, and most of them are rich people. And people who do not have Wi-Fi can spend 1 gigabyte a day to play TikTok applications, so it can be calculated that they can consume approximately 7 gigabytes in a week. 4G-LTE support is recommended for Tiktok app users, and to get a good signal, users have to buy expensive data packages (Damayanti & Gemiharto, 2019). We can also find out that not all regions in Indonesia have good networks like in cities, so users who have bad networks will buy expensive internet data packages to get a smooth signal and then play the Tiktok application.

From the observations I have made, most people who are addicted to TikTok have bad social conditions. The first is that they prefer to have many virtual friends than real friends. They are competing, and some even buy followers to get many followers on TikTok accounts rather than increasing relationships and hanging out with people in the real world. Besides that, they have

a lousy personality, for example, they do not want to say hello when they meet people in their environment, but they focus more on their gadgets and scroll through Tiktok videos. They ignore their parents' orders and prefer to create Tiktok content without clear benefits. As has been explained by (Dwi Chayani, 2020) there is a lack of interaction with the world. It has a negative effect on children's social lives when they use social media (Tik Tok application) too often and for too long.

And for the last, Tiktok application users will experience problems with their health. The first is that they think that the Tiktok application is a stress reliever medium even though it is the opposite. Many teenagers experience bullying because of the Tiktok application. Because people do not like the person's content, they give hate comments on their accounts. It makes the account get many hate comments and pushes them more stressed and even depressed because of being bullied. Furthermore, the frequency of playing and holding gadgets to make TikTok or just scrolling videos in the TikTok application will make them get severe illnesses in the long term. As we know, even cellphones have very high radiation in all electronic devices, and it will be dangerous for its users. If the duration is too long, it can affect the eyes and brain. Several studies show that the effects of using gadgets include impaired brain development of children, obesity, lack of sleep, mental disorders, and characteristics aggressive than radioactive (Anggraeni, 2019).

In brief, the Tiktok application has negative effects on its users. Tiktok application could make its users addicted and will affect the user's psychology, so it would take a lot of money to buy internet data for using the application. If users are addicted to the Tiktok application, they would ignore social life and just have fun in their virtual lives. What's worse was playing TikTok often and then holding gadgets for a long time would cause serious illness for its users. The author would like to suggest that all parents supervise their children in playing social media. As teenagers who are the future generations of the nation, we must filter to use social media.




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