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By : Muflikhah Ulya

The time flies, it is time to close the books and make new notes in a new year. A million dreams has already pictured in mind, a series of plans are neatly lined up then several challenges are waiting to be faced. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic hasn't ended, it doesn't mean we have to stop moving forward. Let's open a new book in 2021 with enthusiasm and optimism. Always remember that there are many dreams that should be realized and also obligations that must be done well.

Last week, UIN Malang announced that this semester in the 2020-2021 academic year would be implemented based on online learning. Of course, we as students feel a little bit disappointed. Our hope of being able to have offline classes has been destroyed. Many students complain about this online learning tuition policy. They argue that the online learning system is not effective. Students are required to stare at the laptop or handphone screen for a long period of time. In addition, the unstable signal constraint is one of the most influential factors, there are many students who live in areas with unsupportive network quality, as well as several other inhibiting factors. This causes many students to be unable to participate in the learning process maximally.

Monday, 1st February 2021, is the first day we start our learning process this semester. The online learning system makes feeling disinterested in the entry of the new semester. There is no different atmosphere between the holiday and college. Because the learning system is still with an online learning system, all we can do is just sit down, then listen to our lecturers' explanations and focus on doing assignments, it's very tedious. This is so different with the offline learning system, which usually we start the semester with enthusiasm for leaving for college early in the morning, then busy to moving from one class to another and doesn't forget to go to the library to have a breath or do assignments.

The second day of lecturing is still the same. We just sat and watched the laptop screen while trying to understand the material presented by the lecturer. Honestly, it's a tiring and boring routine activity. The cup of coffee and some snacks became an outlet. On that afternoon, the Darun Niswah Islamic boarding school where we lived and studied was very quiet. The students take a nap, it looks like they are tired after doing lectures with an online learning system by sitting quietly and staring at the laptop screen for a long time. A few moments later, one of the students suddenly came with a large bottle of disinfectant liquid in her hand. We just call her Surti. Surti surrounds the boarding school by spraying the disinfectant liquid. We were surprised, there was no wind or rain suddenly she does that.

"What are you doing?" I asked

"There is nothing, now it is announced to all the students to gather in the living room," said Surti

"You know, what's going on? How crowded here ". Several students also commented

"I don't know, it's really crowded, what's going on?". The students were even more confused

“Okay, now everyone is expected to be quiet and calm, don't panic or be surprised. There are several announcements to be explained ”. Surti said

Even though they had been warned not to panic, the students still panicked, complete with tense and anxious faces. There should be no announcements at noon like this, let alone the obligation to gather in the living room. It was predictable that the announcement made was important and urgent.

"Just for information, one of Darun Niswah's santri named Yumna has now been suspect Covid-19. Just now she informed me that she was in the clinic and did a rapid antigen and the result is she was positive for Covid-19 disease”. Explained Surti in a low voice.



"Is it real? Try to check again, maybe you got the wrong information "

The students were shocked and didn't believe it.

"Now, try to be calm, and don't be panic, then let's try to find the best solution together". Surti who is trying to calm down.

"Now what should we do?". Asked one student

"Yes, now our headmaster is taking care to report to the center that one of the students in Darun Niswah has been exposed to Covid-19. Right now we also have to carry out independent isolation, then we will do lockdown in about two weeks". Explained Surti.

"Omoooo, why can't we go out? Then who will provide for our needs? " asked one of the students

"Yes, that's right, later I can't get the loundry line, I can't buy snacks, I can't go for a walk" said another student.

"Now, be calm, there must be a way to fight this all". Surti was still trying to calm her down.

The announcement ended and the students were welcome to return to their rooms. At the same the Darun Niswah Islamic boarding school doing Lockdown. All students aren't allowed to go out and are expected to be disciplined in implementing health protocols.


To be continued.........................

PP. Darun Nun

Malang, 12 Februari 2021


Pondok Pesantren Darun Nun Malang
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