Pondok Pesantren Darun Nun Menjadi pondok terdepan dalam pengajaran agama, bahasa, literasi dan pengabdian kepada masyarakat. Untuk menghasilkan lulusan yang memiliki kekuatan akidah islamiyah, kemahiran berbahasa dan menulis, serta menjadi penggerak kemajuan masyarakat.


By: A’yuni Sabila Khusna

       “People who stop learning become the owners of the past. People who are still learning will become the owners of the future” (Mario Teguh). His quotes really motivated his reader, even though our country is still being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic for a year, education in Indonesia is still continuing. Thus, online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic was ineffective for students.
The economic needs for students were greatly increased. Students need a lot of money to pay for internet and Wi-Fi quotas. This is evidenced by students quota ran out quickly due to zoom meetings, which took 1.35 gigabytes for 1 hour and also, to get the best signal and maximum speed students had to buy an expensive data card, for example a Telkomsel card with a regular quota of 100MB the price was Rp.49, 000. Student families also experienced economic increases, because they often use computers for a long time, their electricity bills at home also increased more than on normal days before. And then, online learning during pandemic made economic needs increase than usual.
       Online learning made students less sociable. Students did not know their classmates closely because, online learning only through whatsapp group chat made students did not get to know their classmates closer such as their hobby, address and their favorite thing, even chat with friends just to ask about their assignments and nothing more. Students had very few relationships with friends at school, because online learning students only knew their classmates and did not know other classmates, even different faculties. Therefore, online learning made students became students who had a narrow socialization circle.
        The physical and mental health of students was not in a good condition when learning online. Lately, most students experienced stress while studying online at their home because, a lot of schoolwork make them stressful, especially when they were just at home and did not their friends besides that, they were even more stressed because they had to divide themselves and their brains to do housework such as sweeping, cooking, washing dishes and also having to do their assignments at school. In addition, many students complained about their health condition. For examples often looking at laptops and gadgets disturbed students' eye health, especially when learning online students had to look at the screen of their cellphone or laptop for about six hours a day and also sitting for too long in front of their computer made them often complain of back pain. So that, they were in a bad condition when studying online. 
        In brief, online learning was not good for student during pandemic, because it made the economic student increased for paying some payment so, the student became less in sociality because they only interacted via chat and also their mental and physical health was not good such as stressed, eye health and back pain. And then, the government should find the other solution to solve these problems about learning during covid-19 pandemic so that, we are as students could study quietly and comfortably. 

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Pondok Pesantren Darun Nun Malang
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