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By Muflikhah Ulya

It has been 11 months that we have been struggling to face the Covid-19 pandemic, starting in March 2020 since the first corona case was announced until this moment. We can say 2020 is the year which is quite tiring for us all. Even though, we have proven that we are all doing great, we are all strong, and it is proven that we can survive until this moment.

All hope in 2021 is already in our mind and a lots of challenges are ready to be fought. New year, new sheet, new hope. Then various rows of dreams have been neatly lined up and queued to be realized. Therefore, to realize the 2021 revolution, there are several things that we need to prepare. In this case when we fail to plan, it means we have planned failure.

There are several things that we must prepare, one of them is that we need to plan for a healthier lifestyle. We should start this new year with a healthier lifestyle. In this pandemic covid-19, maintaining health is important. The label "stay safe and health" has been plastered everywhere. Changing a lifestyle to be more healthier than last year is one of the important missions in the 2021 revolution. We can refer to the 5 perfect healthy 4 guidelines adapted from "Basic Food" in the United States or the " pola gizi seimbang" guidelines that have been heralded by the Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia. We can start from the balancing nutrition, such as consuming healthy foods, for example vegetables and fruits and drink more mineral water. We can also consume milk, various supplements and vitamins as additional intake. In addition, we also have to adopt a regular sleep pattern and do exercises.

The second thing we need to prepare is an organized financial system planning. Having financial stability is important. Especially in this pandemic covid-19. Decreasing income is one of the unsolved problems. This is due to the fact that there are several economic sectors are getting weaker day by day. This is what requires us to be able to manage our finances as well as possible. One of the most effective ways to do is to make financial planning. Financial planning will help us to manage our finances so that all financial needs can be met effectively and efficiently. Start from records of income then expenses to money spending plans. We can also try various fun ways to manage finances, such as sinking fun, budget traker lists and so on.

Then the last and the most important thing is in this year is, hopefully we will be more enthusiastic in fulfilling all our obligations as a Muslim and increase the level of our faith and devotion to Allah SWT. Hopefully good things will always accompany us and the covid-19 pandemic will also pass quickly. And don't forget to be grateful for all the things that Allah has given us, aamiin.

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