Pondok Pesantren Darun Nun Menjadi pondok terdepan dalam pengajaran agama, bahasa, literasi dan pengabdian kepada masyarakat. Untuk menghasilkan lulusan yang memiliki kekuatan akidah islamiyah, kemahiran berbahasa dan menulis, serta menjadi penggerak kemajuan masyarakat.



Oleh: A'yuni Sabila Khusna

2020 is a very tough year, the world is affected by Covid-19 pandemic that is choking off my freedom and everyone around the world. All my activities and the activities of people in the world start from studying campus lessons and working are done from home through online media. Learn in an online classes during the Covid-19 pandemic really provides me some benefits in term of patient, health, and discipline. 

What I felt from online classes that I could be more patient in everything during learning in online class. For example I could be patient when I got internet problem during online class such as be patient when my internet access was low and be patient when my internet data suddenly finish in the middle of class. In addition it was also helped me to practice my patient to face all challenges in online learning class like always be patient when there were many assignments and be patient although stressed out with assignments and unable to meet friends in person. Therefore online class really thought me to be a patient person.

In other side my health was more controlled when studying online at home. When I got online classes in home my mother could control my meal started from she cooks healthy meals every day so that my brain could think clearly and stay healthy so, she brought me milk, fruit or bread when I studied, so I would not get sleepy. Furthermore, I could reduce to consume unhealthy food. It was really helped me to reduce in consuming junk food such as hamburger, fried food, and sausage. In other that, I could reduce to consume street food because there were many foods in the house. Then I felt healthier when studying online classes at home.

I felt more disciplined in some ways when learned in online class during pandemic. I felt more disciplined in joining class activities in time and also I felt more disciplined to submit some assignments before the due. Moreover, I could be disciplined in managing time for my daily activities because if I could not managed it well my activities would be messy, so that I decided my time for studying at six am until two pm and I helped my parents after the learning class was over. And then my discipline was more visible and organized when I took online classes.

In brief, learn in online class has impacted my life in a positive vibes. It truly helped and trained me to be a patient person. It was also made me could keep my health well than usual. Online classes changed me to be more disciplined student when joined an online class . If all of us could change our mind to always think a positive mindset, this pandemic would not bother us whatever the situation was, so that we could continue our life as well as usual.

Pondok Pesantren Darun Nun Malang
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