Pondok Pesantren Darun Nun Menjadi pondok terdepan dalam pengajaran agama, bahasa, literasi dan pengabdian kepada masyarakat. Untuk menghasilkan lulusan yang memiliki kekuatan akidah islamiyah, kemahiran berbahasa dan menulis, serta menjadi penggerak kemajuan masyarakat.


By: A’yuni Sabila Khusna

“Book is a window of knowledge” and “The best friend of our life is a book”. From these wish words we knew that book was very important in our life, we would not understand everything without reading a book. We could know many languages and a lot of knowledge from a book. Whatever there was no limitation for us to read a book, although we had become a teacher, a doctor, or a lecture we still needed to read a book. Along with the development of times and internet technology, books that were originally only conventional books, now there were online books. However between online book and conventional book had some differences in term of space and time efficiency.

In collecting several books there was a difference in space for conventional books and online books. In collecting conventional books we must had enough space for collecting. We had to provide a lot of cupboards or special bookshelves to store conventional books, especially since each book has a different diameter and thickness. Besides that we had to prepare a large bag when we wanted to bring some books to school or library. On the opposite, online book did not take up much space. We only needed one memory to store several online books, especially in today's cellphones there was a memory available in it, so we could store them on our respective cellphones. We just needed a flashdisk to bring several online books to anywhere. Moreover, the flashdisk now had a large memory capacity which started from 16 Giga bytes to 32 Giga bytes so, we could store online books as many as possible. Therefore, in conventional book and online book had differences in space for collecting.

In addition, there was a time difference in using conventional books and online books. We needed a long time in finding books or material from conventional books. For example when we wanted to look for book in a library we have to look for from shelf to shelf, and also we have to read the book first to find our material that we needed. Online book, unlike conventional book, in a book searched we only needed to type the book title or the name of the author and the online book would appear immediately. Besides that, when we want to study about material that we really wanted to explore, we just typed the keywords and the material would come out according to the keywords we had typed. Eventually, conventional books took time to look for and online books did not take a long time.

In brief, there were dissimilarity in efficient side when used online book and conventional book. Between online books and conventional books, it would be more beneficial if we used them together, we used conventional books when we did not have internet quotas or memory and used online books when we have to face deadlines that must be worked on immediately. The best thing is when online and conventional books are both complementary so that books will not become extinct over the time.


Pondok Pesantren Darun Nun Malang
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