Pondok Pesantren Darun Nun Menjadi pondok terdepan dalam pengajaran agama, bahasa, literasi dan pengabdian kepada masyarakat. Untuk menghasilkan lulusan yang memiliki kekuatan akidah islamiyah, kemahiran berbahasa dan menulis, serta menjadi penggerak kemajuan masyarakat.


By: A’yuni Sabila Khusna

In a forest there are two monkeys who have been friends for a long time, their names are Mumu and Dudu. Mumu is a very intelligent monkey, kind, caring, and very fond of Dudu. While Dudu is a monkey who is clumsy, likes to complain, talks a lot and whiny, but from Dudu’s character Mumu feels comfortable being friends with Dudu.

One day they both felt hunger and their food supplies had run out. Then Mumu invites Dudu to go to the forest looking for some fruits to eat.

(Mumu walked over to Dudu’s bed, because he was asleep and woke him up)

Mumu: “Dudu wake up…wake up, are you not hungry this morning?”

(Trying to answer Mumu's question with a half-conscious soul because he just woke up).

Dudu: “Of course I am very hungry Mumu…., actually I was awake from dawn, but seeing the fact that our supplies have run out, I decided to sleep again so as not to starve”

Mumu: “Ok I understand how you feel, now get out of bed and wash your face.”

Dudu: “Where are we going with our starving condition like this Mumu? I do not want to die halfway because I am starving”

(Dudu tries to dodge Mumu's invitation because he is hungry but also too lazy to go out.)

Mumu: “Do not talk too muchDudu….. Hurry up and wash your face so we go out to find some fruit for our food supply for now and next month”

Dudu: “Okay okay ... I cannot stand to hear what you say”

(Mumu who heard Dudu's answer smiled because of his funny behavior, besides that, while waiting for Dudu from the bathroom, Mumu prepared some of the equipment they needed to find food supplies.After all the equipment needed was ready and Dudu also returned from the bathroom, they immediately went to the forest to find some fruit for food supplies.)

Dudu: “How long will it take us to get to our destination?”

Mumu: “Dudu....when you are on a trip do not think about things like that, because it will make you tired yourself, you better enjoy our journey than thinking about when we arrived”

Dudu: “But I feel like we have walked quite a long way and far but have not yet reached our destination. My stomach cannot stand it anymore because I am so hungry Mumu…”

(Mumu who hears Dudu's whining tries to cheer up by looking for topics of conversation to provoke Dudu to talk and tell stories as usual. After Dudu talked for a long time they finally arrived at their destination)

Dudu: “Hey look, finally we have arrived”

Mumu: “Yes finally we arrived, here, take some equipment and look for fruits as you like”

Dudu: “Certainly, I will take as much as possible so that we do not run out of food supplies in the future.”

(After gathering some fruit for their food supply, and they felt that they were enough with what they had taken, then they decided to go home because it was getting dark. When they got home they immediately ate some fruit and put some in the cupboard for supplies.Then Mumu who feels very tired and aches on his back asks Dudu to massage it with budbud oil)

Mumu: “Dudu can I ask for help?”

Dudu: “Sure, anything for you dude”

Mumu: “Can you just massage me on the back? And take budbud oil on top of my cupboard”

Dudu: “If you were not my friend I would not want to do it much less for a massage.”

(Dudu grumbled as he walked to get budbud oil on the Mumu’s cupboard)

Dudu: “Do not ask for a long massage Mumu, because I am also very tired after climbing trees here and there and picking up some fruit”

(Then Dudu massages Mumu with budbud oil, after if it's enough to massage, Mumu immediately lies down on the bed and immediately falls asleep, while Dudu is busy playing until late at night.In the middle of playing, Dudu suddenly felt very hungry. Then he went to the kitchen to open the cupboard and got some food to eat.Somehow that night Dudu felt very hungry and almost ate half of their food supply that they had just searched in the forest)

Dudu: “Oh my god I am so starving right now...is it okay to finish all my food supply? Mumu…Mumu.… may I eat all our food supply?”

(Dudu tries to call Mumu, because he intends to permit that he will eat all of their food supplies because Dudu was very hungry at that time, but after several calls there was no answer from Mumu. Then Dudu decided that if there was no answer from Mumu, it meant that Mumu agreed.)

Dudu: “Hmmm…Mumu does not answer my question, okay what kind of you Mumu…I will eat all our food supply then.”

(Suddenly in the middle of Dudu eating the fruit he choked and almost lost his breath, then he tried to find a glass of water but never found it, after going around the whole room in the house, Dudu's eyes finally found a bottle of brown water and he immediately took it. Dudu thought it was chocolate milk but actually it was the budbud oil bottle he used to massage Mumu earlier, because Dudu did not realize that it was a budbud oil bottle so he finished it in one drink. Dudu just realized that what he was drinking was budbud oil when the choking was gone and his mind was clear again. How shocked Dudu was at what happened to him, then Dudu screamed and cried so hard until he woke up Mumu who was sleeping.After hearing Dudu's very loud cries and screams, Mumu immediately approached Dudu and asked what was going on.)

Mumu: “Dudu what’s going on? Why you cry and scream so loud? Please tell me, maybe I could help you”

Dudu:  “Mumu…I am so sorry for anything, just now I wanted to eat all of our food supplies but I got karma, I choked then I looked for water and unfortunately what I drink is not water but budbud oil. How is this whether I'm going to die soon?”

(Hearing Dudu's explanation made Mumu laugh out loud. Then Mumu tells him that the negative things that dudu think will not happen. Then Dudu apologizes to Mumu and he will not repeat it again.)

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