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Oleh : Krisna Aditya Putra

Tittle                            : Millennial Kill Everything
Writer                         : Farid Fatahilah, Budi Tryaditia,  Amanda Rachmaniar

Reviewer                     : Krisna Aditya Putra
Year of Publication    : 2019                
Place of Publication  : Jakarta
Publisher                     : PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Pages                            : 318 Pages
Price                             : Rp98.000,-

Millennials become the cold blood murderer because in this era many new things come from millennial generation and theyinterfere old things arbitrarily. This is a global phenomenon which make us aware about nowadays situation. There are many reason why millennials become the cold blood murderer at this era,that are becausetheir mind very exposed to technology and digital media which in neuroscience is called “Brain Plasticity” making their behaviour and preferences change to an extreme and completely different from previous generations, they force us to move with new era and kill old era without think the destruction that occurs after. They kill anything such as long-term employment, working time, working place, formal uniform, kitchen, brandloyalty, television, advertisement etc.

            This book is suitable for all generations because its contents open up our thinking about the current phenomenon. The writer write this book enjoy to read with easy word which can accepted by allgroups. The writer explains all of things that millennial do step by step and topic by topic so the reader can understood easily.In addition, the author also provides facts and data that strengthen the discussion in this book so that readers easily trust each of their statement.For example pages 32 that telling about kitchen In the house not relevant anymore, data from UBS, online food delivery sales will rise rapidly with growth of more than 20% each year to become $365 billion (more than 5.000 trillion) in 2030. The book also give comparison between millennial and previous generations so that we can know from two point of view about every single problem.

            In the  other side, this book also have weakness. That is true if this book open up our mind about the adverse effects of millennial generation. The writer describes everything and the bad effects that exist today. But, all of the problems described by the writer does not provide a solutions and a picture of the situation in the future to anticipate all of that problems. The readers only given information about the problems without know the solution every single problems that described by the author. The writer wants the readers think by own self how we are anticipate it and survive in this century with this disruption era. This book make the readers think that millennial only give bad impact and disturb previous generations with all the new things they created. But if we think again a lot of things created by millennial generation facilitate our lives today. It depend our mind set to response about anything happen with us today.

            In conclusion, “Millennial Kill Everything” very recommended to read for all groups because we can know a lot of information that millennial do at this time. The good side of this book make the readers can get much information with the detail description. But this book also have its own bad side that make the readers only think in one way. However this book is still almost perfect and suitable to read by all ages.

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