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Oleh: Krisna Aditya Putra S

            In this industry 4.0 era, we know there are many innovation of technology, one of them is the internet. What is meant by internet (interconnection-networking)? Understanding the Internet is a global communication network that connects billions of computer networks openly using a standard global transmission control protocol / internet protocol suite (TCP / IP) system. Internet is very useful because it can make our daily activities easier. Internet has become our as if, our main daily needs in recent years. There are many advantages from the internet which we can make use off, for example, Getting information faster, Branding products, and Making communication easier.
            Based on the definition above we know internet can help us for getting information faster, the era of the internet is the era of openness, it means that with the presence of the internet, it is easier for humans to access various important information. The world is very big, and very impossible for us to go around the world in short time to get information. There are no reason for us to find difficulties in getting information faster because we can search it through internet. With the existence of various website to provide us with a lot information, we can update new information in another country without going to the source of those informations.
            As we know in this digital era many startup begin from internet, because they are can take advantage from the internet. The development of technology that is very fast now has a big impact in the ease of accesing the internet. It also brought a change in the business world, many business people including large companies are using the internet to run their business. Because of many conveniences and advantages of a business traveled on the internet (online business). Internet can be alternative way to spreading a product. This is a new method for company spreading advertisement of product and minimize the use of cost. Besides it the companies can make a software to assist them in sales and facilitate transaction with customers, for example, Shopee, Traveloka, Gojek, Grab, etc.
            There are many country in the world, rarely do we communicate with people in another countries because of limited communication tools. Internet here for answer this problem, as we know at this time many aplication which we can use for communicate, this is because the positive impact of the internet is changing our previously conventional communication system to become more effective and efficient. In the past if we want face to face communicate with someone we must with them first, but now we can use many application such as, Instagram, whatsApp, Line, Twitter, Facebook, Skype for build communicate face to face without direct meeting.

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