Pondok Pesantren Darun Nun Menjadi pondok terdepan dalam pengajaran agama, bahasa, literasi dan pengabdian kepada masyarakat. Untuk menghasilkan lulusan yang memiliki kekuatan akidah islamiyah, kemahiran berbahasa dan menulis, serta menjadi penggerak kemajuan masyarakat.

Some Unique Things from "Santri"

Intani Sholihah Hafizatul Husna

When I graduated from elementary school,my mom and my dad made it some planing for me to continue my study in islamic bording school (pesantren). And you know what? I have some bad feeling about islamic bording school as like : if I continue my study in islamic bording school, it means that I will lose all my friends, there will be enough time to meet my parents, also I cannot bring my handphone and etc. 

But you know what? When I am in islamic bording school I get all of it, I meet with new friends, new sister from another mom, hehe. 
And the most unique thing in islamic bording school is eating with one plate together. Hahaha. And the most hilarious thing from santri is drinking in tap water that flows by using a plate. Its so amazing. I believe that you cannot find some unique and hilarious things like this except in islamic bording school. Islamic bording school is not bad as like you think. precisely you more safe when you are in bording school because ustazah and ustadz will always give you best advices. He/she will always treat you be better one. And I have some message for you who are ever afraid to life in islamic bording school (pesantren), So don’t be afraid, being santri is full of blessings. Trust me

Pondok Pesantren Darun Nun Malang
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