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Story At The Past
By: Laila Nadhifah

This my girl. Beautiful, cleaver, choosey, but make me always miss full every timeJ
yes, that my sister. She was born in my village ten years ago, at 23 march 2007. When I still always in the home, many experienced do with her, like cooking together, watching movie, go to same place and etc.
In this moment, I wanna story about may experience. In the home, my parent always give me do to cooking because they are say that my cooked is very nice then my mother self, hehe.  Because maybe from my grandmother. Few years ago I stayed with my grandmother , so when she cooked always say to me “if you cooking must like that, like that and like that”, until every cooked she always accompany me to gived “knowledge” about cook. For example, if we cook lodeh vegetable must be gived “lengkuas” be more nice and make the taste delicious, if we boil coconut milk, don’t until explode, we must stir with slow be the sauce is not broken, and etc.
So, after my grand mother pass away I can practice knowledge about cook by myself until now, and more other when in the home, all of my family like my cook.  And the fact, I like cook, and like make something else with cook, like spicy sauce, cake, and ect. because I think with cook can be creative to application more than one type of recipe and can exploring word about taste.
Bact to my sister, she did not like beef from she still child, maybe when she start have tooth , and she dislike it without reason, although my mother did many way to make beef be more delicious than before. But that’s my sistes, DISLIKE BEEF without reason.
But few month ago,when I went to home,  I tried to make something from beef with my new experience and my expertise to maked it more delicious. Need few minute to think what recipe who match with her tongue (:D).
ok, I was one recipe, and directly to make it. Maybe needed few minutes to finished it.
one hours later, I call my sister and say to try my new recipe.
she say,”what is this”??
“something special for you” (deliberated I not make the beef look from the shape)
“ok, I want try it” she say like that
“did the taste delicious?” I ask to him
“hemmm, yes,,I think not bad” she respon

“do you know what is that. Can you know from the taste”? directly ast to him
“I don’t now”
“that is beef” I say to startle him
but, she be continue to eat and bring it to front of tv and eat it.
haha, I just can smile by myself

so, I just to say that if you want make someone like your cook, please understanding what he like and search what something available with his tongue :D

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