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What's Wrong With My Heart?


      Allah says many times about heart. Even some ayat ask us to think by our heart. That's the question, why we should think by our heart? although we have a brain that very wonderful and we can just use that for think everything. so why Allah want us to use our heart?

     Heart that pure is absolutely can connect us with our god, Allah. The heart will remain us from the bad thing. for example if we are making a falseness, i mean "dosa", may be like you when having a date with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You wan't your parents know about that, because its not permitted in islam, and someday your parent know that. your heart will be restless. and you cannot focus on your job because you are shy and afraid with your parents. it is the good heart actually. It remain you when you're doing a bad thing 

      But guys not every heart can do that. Many people didn't have bashful for the mistake that they do. They do not understand if that is bad. And how about their heart? they just feel nothing. They feel "all of that i do is rights". And yes their heart cannot remain them. 

      So all of you guys, please lets we bring our heart to be respectful. Sometimes try to speak up with your heart, and listen to it guarding. Do not do a bad thing that allah's hate. And your hate will be life. 


Dyah Ayu Fitriana 
Pondok Pesantren Darun Nun 

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